Walk for Nova

Feelings of sadness and strength can be expressed in different ways.
Walking or running is certainly one of them. We think it would be a wonderful idea if we get moving together for our deceased babies during Baby Loss Awareness Week (9 to 15 October 2021) and in this way a feeling of connection arises. And, it is a beautiful way to let your baby be the subject of conversation again, when you walk together with friends, family or colleagues.

Distances and intensity

Choose the distance that suits you and that is feasible for you. You can walk any day of the Baby Loss Awareness, but one or a few days is of course also possible.

For inspiration:

  • You walk 32 kilometers, because your pregnancy lasted 32 weeks.
  • You walk 4 days because your baby was four days old.
  • You walk every evening around 20:06: the birth time of your baby.
  • You are walking with 5 friends because your baby was born on the 5th of the month.
  • You ask friends / family from 19 different places (in the Netherlands or abroad!) to walk in honor of your child, because you were 19 weeks pregnant.
  • You walk every day with someone who was very important to you in the period around the death of your baby.

Registration & Costs

If you want to join us and you pay € 12.50 registration fee, you will receive the following:

  • A unique Nova medal (you can also get a personalized medal with your baby’s name at an additional cost of €5.50).
  • A newsletter (on 7 October) with, among other things, a digital start number that you can print out and pin up.
  • A personal login for an app in which you can register your activity (in dutch), but also follow other participants (people without a login can also follow you via the live tracking).
  • Read more about the app here. (LINK)
  • A virtual certificate afterwards with (if desired) the name of your baby.

In addition, you naturally support Steunpunt Nova with its activities to be able to inform and support people at a very vulnerable moment of their lives.


If you want to support Steunpunt Nova extra, let yourself be sponsored. After registration, request a personal payment link (with the name of your baby) via info@steunpuntnova.nl, so that you can get an overview of all donations on behalf of your baby at the end of the week.
For example, let yourself be sponsored per kilometer, per day or per round you walk. All depending on which walking shape and distance you choose.

(Social) media

To strengthen the sense of connection, it would be nice if you share the photos of ‘your walk’ on social media with #loopvoornova (#walkfornova) so that you can inspire others as well. If you tag @steunpunt_nova in it, we will collect and repost the posts.

All publicity is welcome so if you know someone who works at newspaper, radio or TV, tag him / her too!

“Take your child with you”
You can symbolically take your child with you by:

  • bring a photo of your child
  • talk about your child with the person you are walking with
  • bring something that symbolizes your child, such as a stuffed animal, beautiful stone, jewelry, garment, etc
  • have a T-shirt, sweatband, bracelet made with your child’s name on it. You name it….