Every year we organise a day of remembrance for parents who have lost a baby. The remembrance is held on the 2nd Sunday of June in 2020. For 2021, it will be the 13th of June. The location and programme will be announced at a later date.

The day in 2020, which because of the Corona pandemic took place on 6 September, was held in the Mariënhof in Amersfoort.

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There were several workshops:

1. yoga-meditatie by Nina Schipper
how to make contact, how much support you can experience when you feel seen. What breathing (or the breath) can mean, and, of course, how the yoga positions can help and how they make you feel in the process.

2. City walk along special places in Amersfoort 
Led by Anneke van der Werf, an inhabitant of Amersfoort, the parents were given a tour of most beautiful places in Amersfoort. Equally valuable were the conversations had during the walk among the participants. 

3. Making a heart of remembrance by Melinda van Veen van Mijn Vogeltje 
During a short workshop, a beautiful coloured heart is made out of synthetic resin. Through this trinket, the parents can hold the love for their baby forever.

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