Losing your baby early in the term is popularly known as ‘miscarriage’. We prefer calling this the loss of an early pregnancy. 

There are several experts in this field. For that reason, rather than providing you with a plethora of information, we defer to experts Mirjan van Kreij at Miskraambegeleiding, Marieke Viskil at Praktijk Juniper and Nina Rang at Zo graag een baby. 

Marieke Viskil is a grief- and loss counselor for children and families with a special focus on loss during or immediately after the pregnancy. Everyone deals with their loss in their own way and in their own tempo. Together, we can assess what needs to be done, so that you can continue with renewed courage. You are welcome with any issue you may have. 

Nina Rang provides guidance to women who have had one or more miscarriages. As someone who has experienced a miscarriage on four occasions, she knows like no other the pain that comes with it. Upon participating in her bespoke miscarriage processing session, the sadness associated with a miscarriage diminished, and you feel empowered to move on. If you struggle with talking about the miscarriage, you can choose to take part in the session online, in your own home and in your own time. More information about the online session can be found at www.zograageenbaby.nl. Would you prefer to come in for a chat at the practice in Den Haag, please see www.ninarang.nl for more information. Do you just want to get to know the practice first? That’s possible too! Just request a (free and non-binding) introductory meeting via one of the websites mentioned. 

Miriam van Kreij has been counselling women who have experienced one or more miscarriages, or women who have lost their baby in any other way during pregnancy, since 2011. The women she helps have sometimes lost their baby only months before, and sometimes the loss goes back years. “With my help, they can heal their experience, which can help them with functioning normally again. They can go back to their family and their work full of confidence.”

  • You can request a free phone session with Miriam, so that you can discuss what may help in your situation. You can do so via www.miskraambegeleiding.nl/moeders
  • In addition, the book ‘Als je je kindje verliest in de zwangerschap’ (‘When you lose your baby during pregnancy’) is highly recommended, as the inviting questions and accessible suggestions make it very worthwhile to fill in yourself. It helps you to come to terms with your experiences in this intense period and thereafter. 
  • Miriam also wrote the book ‘Begeleiding van vrouwen met een miskraam’ (‘Offering guidance to women who have suffered a miscarriage’). In addition to practical information, this book offers many tips and experiences from mothers and fathers. 
  • You can order the books via https://www.miskraambegeleiding.nl/boek-bestellen/.
  • The books are accompanied by interesting information that can be downloaded for free. For example: a useful step-by-step guide for informing your other children ((www.miskraambegeleiding.nl/stappenplan). Also, a playlist with soothing music is available. Please find more information on the book here.

You can also reach Miriam on info@miskraambegeleiding.nl and at 06-24415838. 

Much information can be found on these Facebook-pages: 

This book by Manu Keirse also offers much information, recognition and comfort. “Als je een prille zwangerschap verliest” (“When you lose an early pregnancy”), Manu Keirse, Bernard Spitz, Annemie Vandermeulen (ISBN 9789020988413).

Almost one in four pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. However, the impact of a miscarriage is often underestimated by the outside world. Many parents struggle to come to terms with their loss. How do you mourn a child that you have never really known? And how can you deal with the fear that it might happen again in the next pregnancy? This unique book is based around the joint expertise of a women’s doctor, a psychologist and a social care nurse. They answer all medical and psychological questions that come with a miscarriage in an open and accessible way. They also share experiences from people who have lost an unborn child. Their testimonies are relatable and offer insights and comfort to those going through the same situation.