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Stichting Félice: making a sad farewell a little more beautiful

Parents who have lost their child are suddenly confronted with having to organise a funeral. Something which you will not even have considered ever having to do as a parent. The costs associated with a funeral are very high. Many young parents do not have funeral insurance, or cannot afford to pay for a funeral out of pocket. And yet, at the same time, organising a beautiful farewell can be extremely helpful in the grieving process. Stichting Félice wants to help with these issues, and thereby make this sad day a little bit more beautiful.

Make A Memory Foundation photographs

Make a Memory provides photography sessions for seriously or terminally ill and deceased children from the age of 23 weeks (during pregnancy) up to and including the age of seventeen, organised via care professionals at the request of parents.

Stichting Still (Still Foundation)

Offers a free photo diary to families of a seriously ill child or parent.

In addition, Still provides photography of sick, dying or deceased babies from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy onwards.

Stichting Phéron (Phéron Foundation)

Provides information on the website. The Phéron Memory Box helps care professionals in the hospital to provide comforting aftercare and offers parents the opportunity to make tangible memories in a gentle, intuitive way. The Phéron Foundation works in cooperation with 25 hospitals.

Stichting Hanne (Hanne Foundation)

Offers an information booklet, and has developed a memory box containing beautiful memorial objects. Stichting Hanne is already working with 7 hospitals to provide the box to parents. If you represent a hospital or care institution that also wants to take part, please send an e-mail to: 

Stille Levens (‘Still Lifes’)

Resource centre for infant death with ample and useful resources regarding the loss of a baby.


 Supports parents and families after a stillbirth or perinatal death.

Ouders en zo! (‘Parents etcetera!’)

Marion Middendorp is the founder of Ouders en zo! and provides a lot of information on her website about saying goodbye to a baby.