Aftercare Organizations

Below you will find organizations/platforms that are there to help you with your loss.

Vlinderkindcafé (butterfly child café)

Biennial (every two years) meeting group for parents of deceased children, regardless of the length of pregnancy.

Lieve Engeltjes (Dear Angels)

An online support group for anyone who has to deal with the death of a (young) child. Communication is via e-mail.

OOK (Parents Deceased Child)

 A nationwide self-help organization for and by parents of a deceased child that offers recognition, comfort and perspective.

Praten over verlies (‘talking about loss’)

Praten over verlies is a cooperation between funeral organization Yarden and volunteer organization Humanitas. It offers free and anonymous chat with a volunteer and the possibility to ask questions regarding issues of loss and grief.

Kusje in de wind (‘kiss in the wind’)

From the book Kusje in de wind, written by Irene van Wesel after the death of her son Lieve*, an online community has emerged that supports and develops various projects for those suffering. Earlier this year the book of poetry Kindje in mijn hart was published, especially for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, in which all the given children were mentioned. Throughout 2015, 33 parents have been active in the project ‘Liever bij mij…’ to tell about their own child and the way in which loss is intertwined with their lives. Liever bij mij… tells, just like Kusje in the wind, not only about mourning, grief and struggles but also about taking a child into your heart, the love and the pride. If you want to read more about the community and publications, take a look here.

Stichting CZB

The Contact Group Pregnancy Termination (CZB) is a peer support group for parents who have terminated a desired pregnancy of a baby with a serious disorder.

Wereld Lichtjes Dag (‘World Lights Day’)

Each year on the 2nd Sunday in December, World Lights Day

 is held. On this day, at 19.00 hours, people all over the world light candles in memory of deceased children. It doesn’t matter how old the child was or how long ago it was. After all, your child remains your child! Forever in your heart and thoughts!

is an initiative of Make a Memory Foundation; a platform for anyone who misses someone. On this website we help you find your way when you have to say goodbye or have already had to say goodbye to your loved one. Initially

 focuses on the loss of (grand)children and siblings. This will be expanded in the future. wants to become a guide in case of loss and loss. We help you find what you need.

Grandparents of butterfly children: Facebook group to share love and sorrow. The grief of grandparents is different from that of your children. It can be something that is difficult to share with other people if they have not had the same experience.

1001lichtjes (‘1001 lights’)

Offers products and services around parting and mourning.

De Troostboom (‘The consolation tree’ )

Offers mourning support to children (Den Bosch region).

Apps (iPad only)

Loss helps to find others and is a place for recognition and sharing experiences, insights and feelings. A place to comfort, support and inspire each other. Loss offers support through simple exercises and insights. These increase your resilience and help you to make you stronger. Loss helps you to keep an eye on your mood and makes sure you sound the alarm on time if you can’t get out of it yourself.

On our book list you will find several books and movies for yourself or to read to your other children. The loss of a brother or sister is also very drastic for them and these books might help to talk about it and give it a place.