Looking forward to the birthday means reliving the season in which your baby was born. The memories seem more intense. You reflect on what you did in the run-up to giving birth. You feel again, you relive past times.

If you announce that you are working on the upcoming birthday of your child, people around you will be less likely to forget your child. For example, post a photo on social media that you are neatly making the grave for the birthday. Or send out a card with your baby’s name thanking people for their support over the past year. Tip: also send the card to close friends/neighbors of your parents, so they also get support from those who are next to them.

Ask people around you not to forget this day not only this first year but also in all the years to come. Indicate that you will still need cards and sweet messages in the coming years.

‘Celebrate’ his/her birthday in your own way. You can certainly do that with garlands, cake and a gift. Young children find this quite normal. A birthday comes with cake and a gift.

On the instagram page of Steunpunt Nova , one of the ‘highlights’ contains many other tips to fill in the annual day.