On Sunday, September 5, 2021, our remembrance day took place in the Mariënhof in Amersfoort.

Watch the impression video here and view the photos here .

Time Program
11.00 a.m. Receipt
12.00 hrs Welcome
12.15 p.m. To the workshops
14.00 hrs Lunch (vegetarian)
16.00 hrs Live music by Vanessa Dea
4:30 p.m. Remembrance ritual
17.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs Drinks and chatting

Kintsugi of Broken bowl project (by Tamara Linde of Journey of Happiness)

Kintsugi can be seen as a form of art therapy. It reminds you that scars, visible or not, are proof that you have overcome your difficulties. They bear witness to everything we experience. The trick is to fill the cracks with something valuable, with epoxy and gold powder, to turn them into golden scars, as it were.

Essential oils (by Ineke Twaalfhoven – den Blanken)

Our senses tell us what to do. Smell gives the strongest reaction. Each fragrance has its own characteristics and can support a desired state of mind. Think of peace, concentration or happiness. Incidentally, the perception of smell happens unconsciously. Essential oils can be used for emotional problems.

Yoga meditation (by Nina Schipper)

Focused on experiencing what yoga and breathing can mean during a mourning and/or recovery period. How you can consciously feel, where sadness or tension is hiding and also how you can relax better. If you follow your own body and learn to listen, it tells you a lot. For example, what you need in your grief/loss.

City walk (by Anneke van der Werf)

Under the guidance of Anneke van der Werf, a resident of Amersfoort, the parents were taken along the most beautiful places in Amersfoort. The conversations with each other during this walk are also very valuable.