Every year on the 2nd Sunday of June, we organize a day of remembrance for parents who have lost a baby.

Once again we have found a nice location for this special day; Hoeve Landzicht, Oudkoop 22 in Nieuwer Ter Aar.

  • Register before 03-06-2023 .
  • Only registrations that have been paid in full are final.
  • A registration form must be filled in for each person present.
  • Choose from one workshop for the workshops and indicate whether you will be present at the drinks by ticking the box for “drinks”.
  • In order to have all the attention for the children who are missed so much, it is unfortunately not possible to bring other children with you. We hope for your understanding.
Time Program
10:30 a.m. Receipt
11:30 a.m. Welcome to everyone
12.00 hrs Workshop of your choice
1:30 p.m. Lunch (also vegetarian)
15.00 hrs Remembrance ritual with live music by Karin Hukker
3:45 p.m. Closing and drinks
16.30 End

Yoga circle (by Nina Schipper)

“In this workshop I use yoga, breathing, meditation and visualization to be able to experience your body consciously. Your body often remembers what’s going on and where you might need some support, comfort or literal exercise. This can manifest itself in all kinds of ways. This workshop is about recognizing signals, being able to discover what you need and how you can give it meaning. It doesn’t have to go away, but maybe we can stop and think about it.
There is loving attention for yourself and each other. We move, talk, laugh, cry, are silent together and all this in a safe environment.
I hope to welcome you to my yoga circle. See you then.”

Nina is a team member of ima afscheidszorg, volunteer at Steunpunt Nova and mother of Madelief*.

Making a commemorative flower arrangement (by Mérie van Zandwijk)

“Creating, shaping and touching people is my great passion. I am inspired by nature, the landscape, the silence and emotions of people. During this workshop we will make our own memorial spot for your child(ren).”

(Dried) flowers and other natural materials; Mérie provides a lot of choice, but you can also bring your own memory (e.g. photo, cuddly toy, toy, letters or candle). A sweet place with flowers and hearts or a cool place with branches and rope. During this workshop you can let your heart speak and then your hands will automatically make what comes up in you.

Walking in memory (by Thomas van der Zee)

Led by a guide, the walk leads you along all the beautiful places in nature around Hoeve Landzicht.

No city or forest this time, but right through the polders. If you need peace and quiet and a nice conversation every now and then, sign up for this walk.

Thomas is bonus dad of Madelief *

Voice Liberation (by Vanessa Léon)

“Singing is feeling, welcoming, unloading, playing and being yourself. In this workshop you will experience that singing is very nice to do.

Singing is healthy and helps you to welcome and discharge emotions. Singing relaxes it and gives a sense of being safe with yourself.

My name is Vanessa Leon and I am a Vocal Intuitive Coach. I would like to go on a voting journey with you. You don’t have to be able to sing beautifully to participate and enjoy. We sing simple songs with words that touch. We will also improvise with free sounds.
I hope to see and hear you on June 11.”

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“ It's nice to consciously spend a day with our beautiful son. To be together with parents who understand you and only need one word. A special, valuable day. ”

~ Sabrina and Sander, parents of Julian

“ Lots of connection and love. Thank you! ”

~ Nienke and Thomas, parents of Aimée

“ The images we received this week remind us of a beautiful, valuable and loving day. A beautiful location, perfect care, great workshops with beautiful lasting memories, the good conversations and a nice intense moment together around the pond. Everyone has his or her moment of sadness, loss, remembrance and remembrance and yet precisely because of that he or she is connected to each other again. We would like to thank you, your team and all employees for this wonderful day! ”

~ Cortrij and Eric, parents of Noëlle