Several times a year we organize meetings for parents who have lost a baby. In June and October there is the Remembrance Day and the Baby Loss Awareness Week, but there are also a number of small, intimate and accessible gatherings.

People often find contact with fellow sufferers a difficult word. Yet it has been found that after a traumatic or very intense experience of loss, people understand each other better if there is some form of similarity and recognition in that experience. People feel understood and seen, which is very important when losing a baby, to feel supported and less lonely. It has also been found that people who are able to tell their story more often recover faster during their mourning period. If attention is paid to it and sincerely listened to, people often return to the daily existence of their lives more easily and start to look to the future more positively.

The purpose of the meetings is to bring together parents who have experienced infant mortality to feel more heard, seen and understood, to emphasize understanding of grief and processing and to give the parents a meaningful day where they can connect with other parents who have been through the same thing.

Admission and coffee/tea: free, extra drinks and snacks are at your own expense.

Herdenkingspark has made their beautiful location available free of charge.

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