Hugo Magazine part 2


The origins of Hugo Magazine

Hugo Magazine was conceived and compiled by Hiske Kuilman in the period after Hugo’s birth and death.
“I felt the need to read something. I wanted to know how other parents dealt with this grief. However, I didn’t recognize myself at all in all the mommy and baby magazines that I found in the store or for free on my doormat. I couldn’t relate to stories about breastfeeding, cramps or swaddling. I felt like I didn’t belong.
Later, in my work with other parents who lost a child, I discovered that I was not the only one with this need. For parents with living children, there is an incredible amount of choice in the magazine rack. But if you’re older, but don’t have a baby to take care of, there’s nothing. You’re left out of everything. That’s why I decided to make my own magazine. With stories that are recognizable.”

Hugo Magazine is not only about the enormous sadness, but also about the love and pride that so many parents experience. A magazine full of recognition, comfort and practical tips to weave this loss into your life.

Hugo Magazine 2

Theme: Give Your Loss Meaning

Hugo Magazine 2 is all about giving meaning to your loss. Because how do you do that? And what’s the difference with giving it a place? In this edition, various parents talk about how they did that. In addition, in this edition you will find an article about making an impossible choice, about how to continue together as partners after the loss and there is a special supplement about children and grief. In addition, various caregivers tell their stories about the impact of the loss on parents and on their own work.

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All proceeds will be donated to Steunpunt Nova.