If your baby has died, it can be helpful and comforting to read books about it. It creates recognition. Below you will find a number of books, magazines and films. The loss of a brother or sister is also very drastic for children. The children’s books that read aloud may help to talk about it and to give meaning to the loss together with them.
You can order many of the books below via the link in the description or via Love from Lauren and Koffertje Troost. You will also find much more about grief and loss.

The help card that is about making memories says that you can read a book to your baby. Of course that can be any book, but Anja Dalhuisen has written a special book for it. It’s called Bye Sweetheart. She talks about it in this video. Thanks to donations from other parents who have lost a baby, we can offer the book free of charge to parents who want to read to their child in the days between the death and the funeral. Send an email with the name of your baby, the date of birth/death and the address where we can send the booklet to info@steunpuntnova.nl.
If you want to read the book after saying goodbye to your child, you can order it via the website of Vlinderkusje.

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