If you lose your baby at the beginning of pregnancy, it is popularly called a miscarriage. We prefer to say the loss of an early pregnancy.

You can read more information in these leaflets, which have been compiled by Cindy Kirkilis-Kramer:

Practical tips in case of a miscarriage

Emotional recovery after a miscarriage

A loved one has had a miscarriage

There are several experts in this field. Therefore, we do not provide any further information here, but confidently refer you to:

Erlinde Weller: Many women experience less zest for life and less (self-)confidence after a miscarriage. They also often feel alone in this process and try to “just keep going.” Physical recovery usually takes care of itself. This does not apply to emotional recovery. Not coping properly with a miscarriage gets in the way of your zest for life, but also has consequences for a subsequent pregnancy. The loss of life has an impact on your life. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the process of emotional processing. As a systemic and reiki coach, and as an expert by experience, it is my mission to guide you in this. Read more about me and my experience here .
To support you after early pregnancy loss and to help you relax more during this period, Erlinde offers a free relaxation exercise .

Cindy Kirkilis-Kramer
worked as a midwife for eight years and experienced two miscarriages herself. She underestimated its impact and went on with her life because that’s the way it was supposed to be. It wasn’t until she started actively working on her loss that she was able to better place this loss and move on with her life.
It is her mission to ensure that attention is paid to every loss in pregnancy. The impact is greater than people realize and what is accepted (by ourselves and our environment).

Inge Vogelaar of
Miscarriage Tears
helps women to get and stay in balance during a miscarriage or after terminating a pregnancy. She is happy to use the knowledge from her professional background and her personal experience to help you. Miscarriage counselling is partly reimbursed from your supplementary insurance.

Vera Heessen
assists women who are out of balance after a miscarriage, stillbirth or other loss of pregnancy. Women who continue to feel fatigued, experience physical tension and/or continue to feel emotional. By working with the loss, inner peace and space are created again. This gives you more energy. You can look to the future full of new energy and you function well at home and at work.

Marieke Viskil is a grief and loss counsellor for children and families with a special focus on loss during pregnancy or just after birth. Everyone deals with loss in their own way and at their own pace. Together we look at what is needed, so that you can continue with new courage. You are welcome with everything there is.

Nina Rang
assists women who have had one or more miscarriages. She knows better than anyone how painful it is to experience a miscarriage, she herself has experienced it four times. After her special miscarriage processing session, the grief associated with a miscarriage is soothed and you feel like you can move on. If you find it difficult to talk about it, you can choose to do this session online, in your own home and at your own time. More information about the online session can be found on www.zograageenbaby.nl. If you prefer to come and talk in practice in The Hague, please visit www.ninarang.nl for more information. Would you like to get to know us first? Of course you can! Request a (free and no-obligation) introductory meeting via one of the websites.

Midwife and loss counsellor Yvonne Koster
helps women in the period around and after a miscarriage. She pays attention to the experience and tailors her guidance to the personal request for help. If necessary, she provides (practical) information about the course and processing of a miscarriage, tips to find a new balance and encouragement to dare to dream of a new future again.
For women who are pregnant again after previously losing their baby in the (early) pregnancy, Yvonne has developed a special birth course. Parents who have been through the same thing can share their experiences and, in addition to the general theory about birth and childbirth, they also receive exercises and tools to be pregnant and give birth with more confidence and more relaxed. This course can also be taken individually.

Miriam van Kreij
has been guiding women who have had a miscarriage once or more since 2011. Or who lost their child in some other way during pregnancy. For some it was a few months ago, for others years ago. “Through my guidance, they heal the experience, so that they function well again. They can continue with confidence in their families and in their work.”

  • Request a free phone call with Miriam. So you can discuss what can help you in your situation. This can be done via www.miskraambegeleiding.nl/moeders.
  • Read the book ‘If you lose your baby during pregnancy’. Because of the inviting questions and accessible suggestions, this book is very valuable to fill in yourself. It helps you to deal with your experiences in this intense period and afterwards.
  • Miriam also wrote the book ‘Guidance of women with a miscarriage’. In this book, in addition to practical tips, you will also find many experience stories from mothers and fathers.
  • You can order the books via https://www.miskraambegeleiding.nl/boek-bestellen/.
  • The books come with interesting information that you can download for free. For example, a handy step-by-step plan to tell your other children about it (www.miskraambegeleiding.nl/stappenplan). And a playlist of comforting music. Read more information about the book here .

Watch the impressive documentary Misunderstandings about miscarriages.
After two miscarriages, 31-year-old Tahyna MacManus feels lost, angry and terribly alone. She grabs a camera to record her story and that’s how she finds her fellow sufferers. Resilient, courageous women talk about their grief, their shame and their guilt, while still hoping for a full-term pregnancy. Having a miscarriage is quite common, but no one talks about it. Tahyna wants to remove the shame of having a miscarriage so that women don’t have to bear it alone, but first she has to correct her own misconceptions about miscarriage.

Aafke Tadema also pays attention to miscarriage on her website MamaMind and she has developed this miscarriage processing card that you can order through her webshop .

‘Miscarriages – Mindfucks and coping with miscarriages’
Judith can’t believe her luck: she’s pregnant! From now on, her life will never be the same. Just not in the way she expects. Because unfortunately, she has a miscarriage and has to learn to deal with one setback after another. And with the effect that this loss has on her self-image, her womanhood, her relationship and the environment. How do you deal with setbacks? Do you keep it quiet and believe the miscarriages you tell yourself? Or do you make it negotiable and take control of your own happiness? In Miscarriages, Judith tells her story; Realistic, candid and with a good dose of humour. She doesn’t beat around the bush and dares to touch the sore spots. ‘With my pregnancy loss, I hope to break the taboo and offer support to others who are going through this.’
Judith Taanman-Veenstra (1979) is married to Thijs and together they live in Oostzaan.

This book by Manu Keirse also offers a lot of information, recognition and comfort.
“When you lose an early pregnancy”
Nearly one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. However, its impact is often underestimated by the outside world. Many parents have a hard time coping with their loss. Because how do you mourn a child you never really knew? And how do you deal with the fear that things might go wrong again in a subsequent pregnancy? This unique book brings together the expertise of a women’s doctor, a psychologist and a social nurse. They deal openly and openly with all medical and psychological questions associated with a miscarriage. They also give the floor to people who have lost their unborn child. Their testimonies offer fellow sufferers recognition, insight and support.

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