My little bear: In 2020, Carlijn unexpectedly lost her son Sieb at the end of the pregnancy. In her search for a beautiful urn, she came to the conclusion that there was little to her taste. As far as she was concerned, the way in which the urn was delivered could also be a lot more loving. That’s why she started My Little Bear. Urns that are made with love, but that are also packed and sent with care.

The malleable stone
Memories to keep
Saskia de Rooy ceramics
Hella and Elke
Ash destination
Michel Kuipers
The urn shop
Urn shop
Silent Stones
Urn Heaven

You can also have an urn made from a 3D image of your belly or your baby.
Gravida makes 3D scans of/with your baby or your pregnant belly. This scan can later be used to make a 3D print with space for the ashes.
Take a look at their page that they have created especially for this purpose.
View the price list of the baby statues here.
View the price list of the belly statues here.