The Baby Loss Academy for Parents
The whole world seems to go on as usual, while your life is at a standstill. You would like to continue, but at the same time you find it difficult to resume normal life. Everything has suddenly become so different. It seems like an impossible task, picking up your life. And yet you want to move on. To this end, we offer a unique online program:
Room for Mourning. Specially developed for parents who have lost a child during pregnancy or around the time of childbirth.

Hiske Kuilman is an ambassador for Steunpunt Nova.

Birth Counseling Utrecht (loss of birth)
Esli Jongen offers counseling immediately after hearing that your child has died or will die in the womb and loss counseling after the funeral or when questions and emotions arise later.
Esli is a certified doula, social scientist, humanistic spiritual director, teacher/trainer and body-oriented trauma therapist.
In the event of the death of a baby from or after 24 weeks, max. 5 calls will be reimbursed.
Read about it in this brochure.

Cindy Kirkilis-Kramer
worked as a midwife for eight years and went through two miscarriages herself. She underestimated its impact and went on with her life because that’s the way it was supposed to be. It wasn’t until she started actively working on her loss that she was able to better place this loss and move on with her life.
It is her mission to ensure that attention is paid to every loss in pregnancy. The impact is greater than people realize and what is accepted (by ourselves and our environment).

Love from Lauren- coaching: Willemien Holsappel guides women who have had to say goodbye to their child during pregnancy or shortly afterwards. Coaching for baby loss is not just grief counseling. Baby loss is sometimes invisible grief, lonely. Lack of understanding and well-intentioned comments. Unfortunately, Willemien hears it all too often. While the term of pregnancy says nothing about the loss and sadness. Nor whether your baby has lived alone in your dreams or a few hours or weeks after a birth.
Baby loss and its effect is different for each person and couple.
Losing a baby is an intense event in your life. Your life has been turned upside down and while everyone else goes on with his or her life, your world seems to have come to a standstill. The shine is off and you collapse or you continue; because of the other children or because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Maybe you don’t dare to think about it, what else is coming loose.

Erlinde Weller: Many women experience less zest for life and less (self-)confidence after a miscarriage. They also often feel alone in this process and try to “just keep going.” Physical recovery usually takes care of itself. This does not apply to emotional recovery. Not coping properly with a miscarriage gets in the way of your zest for life, but also has consequences for a subsequent pregnancy. The loss of life has an impact on your life. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the process of emotional processing. As a systemic and reiki coach, and as an expert by experience, it is my mission to guide you in this. Read more about me and my experience here .
To support you after early pregnancy loss and to allow you to relax more during this period, Erlinde offers a free relaxation.

Yolanda Castellón
As a Life & Loss coach, she helps parents who have lost their baby before, during or shortly after birth. “Together, we will turn the pain of loss and the endless love for your baby into the strength to move on with life.”

Huber10 Coaching The mission of Huber10 Coaching & Consulting is to help parents who lose a child to regain pleasure in their work.

Psyche and pregnancy
Psychological help for loss related to pregnancy and birth.

Every child matters
Brenda Tiggeler offers specialized grief and loss counseling and EFT couples therapy for parents who have lost a child.

Mourning around birth
Midwife and loss counsellor Yvonne Koster offers help as a professional and experience expert to parents who want to regain balance after losing their child. Attention is also paid to the experience and processing of childbirth.
A few times a year, parents, in a small group of fellow sufferers, can participate in a retreat day on the Veluwe to catch their breath, remember and heal. In June, this day is all about recovery and healing. In December, this day is dedicated to the “light” of World Light Day.

Miscarriage Counselling Netherlands
Miriam van Kreij counsels women who have had a miscarriage or more of them. Or who lost their child in some other way during pregnancy. For some it was a few months ago, for others years ago. Thanks to the guidance, they can continue with confidence in their family and in their work.

Practice Juniper
Marieke Viskil is a grief and loss counsellor for children and families with a special focus on loss during pregnancy or just after birth. Everyone deals with loss in their own way and at their own pace. Together we look at what is needed, so that you can continue with new courage. You are welcome with everything there is.

So much like a baby
In her practice, Nina Rang focuses mainly on women in the phase of life around starting a (desired) family. She is also the initiator and developer of a number of online coaching programs for fertility problems and miscarriage processing.

Butterfly Mom
Jeanette de Kruijk supports mothers who have lost a child during or after pregnancy. She herself is an expert by experience and can help with your grieving work, even if the loss was years ago. The love for your child never goes away and she likes to show you the beautiful sides of life again, so that you can do what makes you happy.

Vermaat and Boer
Anne-Marie Vermaat and her daughter Hubertien van Heek can help you learn to deal with the consequences of your loss: at home and at work. In individual conversations (loss treatments) they pay attention to your loss and can explain what is going on.

Janet Molewijk
Janet is a psychologist and grief therapist and counsellors people who have to deal with various forms of loss, including loss during pregnancy. She also brings her own experience to the table.

Bright Blue Coaching and training
Jeanne van Mierlo helps and supports loss in any form.


Deining bij verlies en rouw organizes the following free meetings in collaboration with the Midwifery Partnership Amsterdam West:
Out of expectation; loss of an early pregnancy (Download the leaflet here )
Loss of a child in late pregnancy or around birth (Download the leaflet here )
Loss of a child due to termination of a late pregnancy (Download the leaflet here )

Several times a year, Ella Midwives from The Hague offers space to reflect on the loss of your baby together with other women.
Grief and loss counselor, Annemieke Hillen is there to guide the conversations, answer questions and offer tools to deal with your loss.
You can register via 070-3606286 or email Annemieke:
These consultations are free of charge for Ella’s clients.

Practice Vivère
Cindy de Crom guides parents after loss in pregnancy in Bergen op Zoom and the surrounding area. Cindy also works as a nurse in the Mother Child Center of the Bravis hospital.