Acda and de Munnik The last time to be
André Hazes I’ll take you with me
Bart Herman Sleep my child
Blof So beautiful
Blof So quiet
Boudewijn de Groot Drowned butterfly
Clouseau I’m thinking of you
Elly Zuiderveld Baby
Elly and Rikkert A pearl in God’s hand
Gordon If only I could still be with you
Guus Meeuwis The road
Guus Meeuwis That’s because of you
Frank Boeijen Tell me it ain’t
Gerald Consolation At home
Guus Meeuwis Nobody
Hans Vermeulen A kiss and a hug
Herman van Veen Bird of Comfort
Jan Smit Your name in the stars
Jan Smit Sorcerer
Jeroen van de Boom Little Hero
Leonie Sazias A train to dreamland
Maaike Ouboter That I miss you
Marco Borsato Sleep tight (Woezel and pip)
Marco Borsato There’s no such thing as saying goodbye
Marco Borsato Alone
Marco Borsato What would it be like
Marco Borsato Never a tomorrow
Marco Borsato Butterfly
Marco Borsato Why you?
Marco Borsato Angel of my heart
Marco Borsato Together forever
Niels Destadbader Butterflies in her stomach
Paul de Leeuw The Stone
Paul the Lion Still, you’re always part of it
Replay Every step you take
Ralph van Manen Joelle
Simone Kleinsma My girl
Stef Bos Heaven
Stef Bos I miss you
Tarzan You live in my heart
Trijntje Oosterhuis Fly with me