The Never Beyond Foundation hopes to be able to help parents, brothers and sisters of a deceased child with the loss, among other things by writing their story in memory of the deceased child. In addition, we organize meetings and events and fellow sufferers can contact us for a listening ear. Because a child who has died is never over.
The Never Past Foundation is a partner of Steunpunt Nova.

Félice Foundation: Parents who have lost their child are suddenly confronted with organizing a farewell. Something you will never have thought about as a parent. The costs involved in a funeral are very high. Many young parents do not have funeral insurance or are unable to pay for a funeral. And that while saying goodbye in a beautiful way can help enormously in the grieving process. The Félice Foundation wants to help with this and make it possible to make the sad day a little more beautiful. The Félice Foundation is a partner of Steunpunt Nova.

Isabel Foundation: Parents who lose their child will always carry the pain of the loss with them. This pain is not alleviated by time and every year there are several days when the loss is extra present, especially on these days such as the birthday and death, Father’s and Mother’s Day, the birthdays of the parents and the holidays we want to support the parents. On these days, appropriate gifts are sent, such as a butterfly, flowers, candles for the anniversary of death, the most beautiful star, cakes to celebrate the anniversary, but also balloons, a beautiful poem or a power pouch.
There is a sign-up freeze here at this time.

At the request of parents and through the mediation of healthcare professionals, the Make a Memory Foundation photographs seriously ill, terminal and deceased children between the ages of 23 weeks (pregnancy) and seventeen years.

The Still Foundation offers a free photo report to families of a seriously ill child or parent. In addition, she takes care of the photography of sick, dying or deceased babies from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

The Phéron Foundation provides information on the website. The Phéron Memory Box helps healthcare professionals in the hospital to provide pleasant aftercare and offers parents the opportunity to make tangible memories in a gentle, intuitive way. The Phéron Foundation works together with 25 hospitals.

The Hanne Foundation offers an information booklet, and has developed a memory box containing beautiful memory products. The Hanne Foundation already works with 7 hospitals that give the box to parents. If you would like to join, please send an e-mail to:

The Forest of Embracing is looking for planting locations in the Netherlands to create memorial forests where a memorial tree can be planted for deceased children. In 2018, the first forest was planted in ‘t Wildrijk in the municipality of Schagen, and in 2020 the second forest in the Geestmerloo Nature Park in the municipality of Alkmaar. We can also help parents with the wish to plant a memorial tree for their deceased child if that is not easy financially.

Quiet Lives: Knowledge center for infant mortality with a lot of solid information about the loss of a baby.

Stillborn: Supporting parents and families after stillbirth or perinatal death.

Parents and all that!: Marion Middendorp is the founder of Oudersenzo! and also provides a lot of information about saying goodbye to a baby on her website.