Butterfly Kiss: Anja Dalhuisen, founder of the comfort shop, gives words to pain and grief at the loss of a child or another loved one, and has incorporated these words and poems into various products of her brand Butterfly Kiss, such as postcards, comfort tiles, candles. You will also find all kinds of beautiful and sweet comfort gifts.

Love from Lauren: webshop and platform for remembrance products, comfort products, services and lectures in the field of grief in children and around children.
We, Elline and Willemien are nieces and friends and started Liefs van Lauren together in 2018. We noticed from our own experience how nice it is when there is one place where multiple products and services come together in the field of grief. No hours of searching on the internet, but quickly finding what you need. We have bundled our knowledge and experiences in the webshop and in workshops and lectures. In this way, we hope to be able to help parents, in addition to those involved and professionals, even better.
We don’t do this alone, but together with other entrepreneurs, coaches and brands. We believe in the power of working together to be a broad platform for you.

Little Lullabuys: Remembrance gifts for the child who is so missed. For support and comfort when things are difficult. Each gift has multiple symbolic layers and a message. There is no second copy of any gift.

I mourn from you: I mourn from you is a webshop in which we help people with a beautiful memento of their loved one. In our adjacent Pewter Foundry, we can often design by hand according to the customer’s wishes, cast in Tin. We supply small promotional gifts, special items or unique figurines according to the customer’s wishes.

Beautiful in ink: Jeanine Jonk, the mother of Robyn* and Kamilė* makes beautiful personalized drawings in ink with, for example, the birth flower or the zodiac sign of your child.
Instagram: @mooi_in_inkt