A Sam for you: Sam is a sand cuddly toy with the birth weight of your deceased baby. The cuddly toy is made exclusively for you. Because each Sam is individually handmade, you can influence the color combinations of your Sam. This way we can make a cuddly toy that suits you, your family and your baby. If you want, you can send your own fabric from a box, crib or basket that we will process in your own Sam.

Momma Bear: They tailor each Momma Bear for you, with the exact height and weight of the baby that is so missed.

Do you crochet: Ineke Riepma crochets premature dolls and memory dolls that have exactly the same height and weight as the child the doll symbolizes. Due to the weight, such a doll is carried just like a real baby, really very special to experience. People who have ordered such a doll find it very valuable to have, because they can then feel how small their child was. It makes the memory very tangible.
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