This pregnancy will obviously be emotionally charged and that will sometimes cause doubts, misunderstanding and therefore be complicated for you. In addition to the enormous sadness, you can also use the time that your baby is still with you to make beautiful memories while your baby is still in your belly:

  • Take a maternity photoshoot.
  • Record the sound of the heart.
  • Create videos from ultrasound images.
  • Make a fun ultrasound where you ask the sonographer not to talk about the abnormality but just to show all the beauty.
  • Send a card in which you reveal the baby’s name so that you can share the beautiful name sooner than you might think and make your child part of your family, relatives and friends.

In the video Choosing Thomas , the parents of Thomas (USA) decide to carry the pregnancy to term and portray the five days that Thomas is still alive in a poignant and loving way.