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A lot of training and education about mourning and loss is not going through Corona at the moment, even though this knowledge is so important right now. Parents who now have to deal with the loss of their baby very much need the support and guidance of caregivers.

Hiske Kuilman works as a loss coach for parents who lose their baby and she also gives training to care professionals who have to deal with this. She currently gives the online seminars ‘Maternity Care after the Loss of a Baby’. A practical and accessible training by means of an interactive webinar, especially for maternity nurses. In addition to theoretical knowledge about mourning and loss, you get a good picture of the impact and specific pain experienced by parents of a deceased baby. You will receive many practical tips on what to say or do and what not to do, as well as information about caring for vulnerable deceased babies and the role of your own emotions in these kinds of sad situations. This training has been accredited with 2.5 points by the KCKZ.

For everyone who registers via this link, Hiske will donate 5 euros to Steunpunt Nova. Are you a maternity nurse or do you know someone for whom this education is interesting? Would you like to share this link? Thank you in advance!

Lectures and trainings for midwives and maternity care by Hiske Kuilman can be requested via her website. Hiske gives about 30 accredited in-company trainings per year.

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Mourning Around Birth provides education and training to (maternity care) professionals who want to deepen and become skilled in grief and loss guidance around birth. This concerns the loss of a child in early pregnancy, but also loss that you as parents have to deal with and that has nothing to do with the pregnancy itself. Check the website for current training dates.

  • Loss science in midwifery practice: This is a two-day training for midwives where Ruth van den IJssel is a regular guest speaker.
  • Miscarriage guidance training & more: This is a tailor-made training course for coaches, experienced experts and midwives, for example, who feel that they can and want to do more for women who have to say goodbye to their baby in the first half of pregnancy. In this training, guidance regarding prenatal diagnosis is an interesting option for midwives.

Steunpunt Nova previously contributed to

7 november 2019             

SCEM symposium, Loss in obstetrics 2.
Read the programme here and download the pamphlet and the registration form.

25 oktober 2018

Symposium loss and mourning in birth care, SCEM. See the program here

2 november 2018             

Annual congress of the
Professional Association Echoscopists Netherlands (BEN) for obstetrics and gynaecology. 

2 november 2018             

Regional meeting Perinatal audit. See the program here

27 november 2018           

Perined congress

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