Small baby in the belly? Fetal growth restriction?
This website is intended for patients, their families and their caregivers, to find information about fetal growth restriction. We want to explain as well as possible what the causes and consequences can be with a (too) small baby. Sometimes the baby does not grow properly in the womb because the placenta (placenta) does not function properly. We try to provide general information and the information that we know in practice is not always known: these are the answers to the questions that our patients often ask.

Felice Foundation
Makes the sad farewell a little nicer by offering all parents a name garland and a wooden name animal free of charge. The foundation also supports parents who are struggling financially. For all the possibilities, visit

Make A Memory Foundation
Takes photos of sick or deceased children free of charge from 23 weeks of pregnancy to 18 years

Still Foundation
Offers a photo report free of charge to families of a seriously ill child or parent.
In addition, she takes care of the photography of sick, dying or deceased babies from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Phéron Foundation
Provides information on the website. The Phéron Memory Box helps healthcare professionals in the hospital to provide pleasant aftercare and offers parents the opportunity to make tangible memories in a gentle, intuitive way. The Phéron Foundation works together with 25 hospitals.

Hanne Foundation
Offers an information booklet, and has developed a memory box containing beautiful memory products. The Hanne Foundation already works with 7 hospitals that give the box to parents. If you would like to join, please send an e-mail to:

Quiet Lives
Knowledge center for infant mortality with a lot of solid information about the loss of a baby.