Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

Below you can read what Steunpunt Nova has done to create more awareness for infant mortality in the Baby Loss Awareness Week of 2020.

Day 1: the sending of the posters to all hospitals

Day 2: launch of the page about brother(s) and sister(s)

Day 3: announcement of the live-chat on Monday 12-10-20 with Danielle Oerlemans and Ellemieke Vermolen

Day 4: were we too busy with the live chat so no extra news ?

Day 5: announcement of the website and help cards in English

Day 6: Launch of the Back to Work Page

Day 7: thank you to the caregivers

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    You can also still donate for the storybooks. Every euro helps parents to make beautiful memories with their deceased child.
    You can also ask your local supermarket if the proceeds of the deposit can go to Steunpunt Nova for a few months. Many supermarkets participate in this. Here you will find a flyer to hang with it.