Welcome to the website of Steunpunt Nova, lost expectation. We want to help you navigate a confusing and emotional time of loss. On the parent page you will find nine images where you will find all the information that may suit your situation. At the bottom of each parent page you will find practical information about the days leading up to the funeral, the laws and regulations, the funeral, books, music, grief and aftercare, brother(s) and sister(s) and back to work.
We’ve also developed four help cards that give you a quick overview of what you could think of. You can download it here (in eleven languages) together with a document (PDF) containing a brief explanation of the points mentioned on the help cards.

To keep the texts easy to read, we always call the baby “he” and “him”. If you have had a daughter, read “she” and “her”.

If you are a healthcare provider, you will find information about perinatal mortality rates, training courses and symposia, articles on perinatal mortality, support in the form of do’s and don’ts, tips for physical care of the baby and checklists. Below the parent reports you will find anonymized pregnancy and parturition reports.

This video, made by Marcel Keurntjes of In Your Picture, shows what we do and what we stand for.

Meaning of the name

Nova has two meanings:

  • “new” for the new life that was announcing itself.
  • a star that suddenly becomes much brighter and then gradually, over a period of months to many years, returns to its former brightness.

Despite the fact that your baby has not lived or has lived for a short time outside the womb, he will forever occupy a special place in your life.
The subtitle of Steunpunt Nova is ‘lost expectation’ because all parents who are EXPECTING create a vision of the future. It doesn’t matter how long or short the pregnancy lasts, if your baby doesn’t stay, you have to say goodbye to that expectation.

Target audience

Parents who have to deal with infant mortality at the moment when welcoming and saying goodbye go hand in hand.

Mission and vision

WHY: To increase perspective for parents and their environment who have to deal with baby loss.
HOW: We share our knowledge about welcoming and saying goodbye around baby loss with parents, their environment and caregivers. This allows parents to make conscious choices about the loss and these are tools to keep perspective for the weeks, months and years after the baby loss.
WHAT: Steunpunt Nova activates, mobilizes, informs and facilitates parents, caregivers and volunteers free of charge. We do this online via our own website and also offline in the form of concrete help materials to make a difference in the event of baby loss.


In 2023, both parents and caregivers will know Support Center Nova and therefore the possibilities when welcoming and saying goodbye to your child come together.
In 2025, annual recurring income will be added and Steunpunt Nova will have a voice in removing frictions in the journey in the event of baby loss.

  1. Raising awareness
    • 100% of all relevant healthcare providers are familiar with Steunpunt Nova
  2. Increasing engagement
    • Every year, 1000 volunteers work to make a difference in the event of baby loss
  3. Inform
    • 100% of parents who have to deal with baby loss are reached by Steunpunt Nova
  4. Recruit
    • Continuous revenue streams
    • Predictability of revenue streams


Ruth van den IJssel – chairman
Ruth lives with her husband and three children in Diemen. In 2010, her son Roman died in her womb after 32 weeks of pregnancy.
“I immediately felt that we were going to do more than just say goodbye. We wanted to welcome him first and get to know him. Only then were we able to say goodbye to him. Then I did it intuitively. Now I know that scientific research has also shown how important that is.”
In 2014, together with Francien Bisschop, she founded ima farewell care to guide parents in welcoming and saying goodbye to their newborn baby and to organize the funeral.
After five years, they felt it was their social duty to convert all their experience, expertise and knowledge gained from the guidance of 800 families into a Support Centre for parents who are going through the same thing.
Watch a video about Roman’s welcome and farewell here.

Thijs van Attekum – secretary
Thijs lives with his wife Anouk in a village in North Holland and is the father of Miles*.
Miles was born on October 16, 2022 and passed away after nine days from the effects of brain damage. “After Miles’ death, we benefited a lot from the website and help cards of Steunpunt Nova. This allowed us to prepare the farewell together with IMA farewell care in our own way”. Thijs really wanted to give something back to the support centre.
He now does this in the role of secretary.

Jacob Oskam – treasurer
Jacob lives with his wife Nienke in Loenen and is the father of Saar, Lex* and Thijs. Lex was stillborn on November 24, 2019 after a pregnancy of 39 weeks.

The members of the board do not receive any remuneration for their work. They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

Core team

Steunpunt Nova works partly with professionals who have to deal with infant mortality on a daily basis in their work. As a result, they are aware of all current developments and have the expertise to which you are entitled. In addition, we work with a team of volunteers.


Hiske Kuilman, loss coach and trainer and mother of Hugo*, Hanna and Juul
In 2015, our son Hugo was unexpectedly stillborn after a problem-free and full-term pregnancy. A few years after his death, I started to delve professionally into grief and loss, specializing in baby loss. I work as a loss coach and guide parents who have lost their baby during pregnancy or around the time of childbirth. In addition, I provide training on baby loss to healthcare professionals, such as midwives and maternity nurses. Finally, I have my own magazine: Hugo Magazine. The magazine is specifically aimed at parents of a deceased child and anyone who has to deal with this through his or her work.

Committee of Recommendation and Opinion

The mission and vision of Steunpunt Nova is supported by specialized healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions. The information on this website is checked and supplemented by them.

Dr. E Pajkrt: Professor of Obstetrics, in particular Prenatal Diagnostics and Fetal Ultrasound, Amsterdam UMC

Dr. J.W. Ganzevoort MD PhD: gynaecologist and perinatologist at the Amsterdam UMC

Floortje Agema: mortuary worker at Radboud UMC, writer and trainer

Anne-Marie Vermaat and Hubertien van Heek: specialists in the field of grief and loss counselling


Félice Foundation

Parents who have lost their child are suddenly confronted with organizing a farewell. Something you will never have thought about as a parent. The costs involved in a funeral are very high. Many young parents do not have funeral insurance or are unable to pay for a funeral. And that while saying goodbye in a beautiful way can help enormously in the grieving process. The Félice Foundation wants to help with this and make it possible to make the sad day a little more beautiful.



Steunpunt Nova, verloren verwachting is a foundation that was established on 21 February 2019 under the supervision of notary Francine Bogaard-Beekman of notary firm HamansBlocks and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 74096605, RISN: 859770576.