Welcome to the website of Steunpunt Nova, lost expectation. It is intensely sad that your baby has died or is going to die. We cannot possibly take away the pain and sadness, but we can help give you direction during a confusing and emotional time of loss.

On the parent page you will find nine images where you will find all the information that best suits your situation: miscarriage, termination of pregnancy, stillbirth, died at or shortly after birth, my baby is going to die, multiple births, pregnant after loss, it happens you again, sadness from long ago.

At the bottom of each parent page you will find practical information about the days until the funeral, laws and regulations, the funeral, books, music, grief and aftercare, brother(s) and sister(s) and back to work. You will also find specialized baby funeral care that has all the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you as best as possible with the funeral of your baby.

We have also developed four help cards that give you a quick overview of what you might be thinking about. You can download this here (in eleven languages) together with a document (PDF) containing a brief explanation of the points mentioned on the help cards (also in eleven languages).

At the top right of the screen you will see the word “menu”. If you click on this, all the topics we discuss on this website will be displayed. On the “links” page under “practical information”, you will find all kinds of companies that offer products, such as baskets, caskets, urns, ash jewelry, embalming for babies, but also foundations and help addresses.

To keep the texts easy to read, we always call the baby “he” and “him”. If you have a daughter, read “she” and “her”.

If you are a healthcare provider, you will find information about perinatal mortality rates, training and symposiums, articles about perinatal mortality, support in the form of do’s and don’ts, tips for the physical care of the baby and checklists. Under the parent reports you will find anonymized pregnancy and parturition reports.