Every day 3 to 4 babies die during pregnancy or around birth. Steunpunt Nova supports these parents, but money is needed for that. Do you want to help us make our foundation Steunpunt Nova, lost expectations big?
All donations are welcome to NL 93 INGB 0008 9991 70 in the name of Steunpunt Nova (ANBI).

How can you help?

Many parents who lose a baby want to do something for other parents. Which can! Start a fundraising campaign among friends / family / on Facebook or instagram, for example, on the occasion of your baby’s birthday. Ask everyone who transfers money to state the first and last name of your child, then we will ensure that there is a mention on our facebook page www.facebook.com/steunpuntnova. In this way your child directly supports other parents who this happens to.

Wil je doneren aan een goed doel als je baby is overleden? Steunpunt Nova kan jouw steun goed gebruiken om weer andere ouders te helpen. Dankjewel!

Target shop

If you make all your online purchases via https://steunpuntnova.doelshop.nl/ , a percentage of your purchase amount will automatically end up with our foundation. There are dozens of affiliated webshops such as bol.com, booking.com, Mediamarkt, Coolblue and many supermarkets. You will receive a confirmation of your donation within 24 hours. Do you want to help? We desperately need it to be able to help all parents.

What’s the money used for? 

  • maintaining the website to provide the correct information to parents.
  • distributing the help cards to all birth care providers.
  • organizing remembrance days and meetings for parents.
  • organizing lectures, trainings and seminars for care providers.
  • discuss baby mortality and increase understanding.

There are other foundations that support parents in losing their baby and can only exist through donations:

  • Stichting Félice, partner van Steunpunt Nova
  • Stichting Still
  • Stichting Make a Memory
  • Stichting Phéron
  • Stichting Hanne